Our Projects

Re-thinking Sustainibility...towards an Ecology of Mind. 
In the international context, the association's initiatives include projects of cooperation and solidarity in Less Developed Countries.
In Italy, the initiatives are aimed at enhancing the environmental and cultural resources, to raise awareness on sustainable development focusing on environmental themes, sustainable design, fair trade activities and responsible tourism. One of the key activities of the Zoe Onlus Association is the production and diffusion of social and ethnographic documentary works. The Association proposes cultural initiatives focused on dialogue and understanding between culture, utilizing documentaries and other visual material.

  • Ease Water Madagascar

    Drinking water acces in the villages of the Ambanja region, northwest of Madagascar 

  • Solar Water

    Renewable energy intervention to reactivate abandoned water wells in southern Tunisia

  • Djemberem

    The music as an educational tool to raise awareness on issues of civil society and responsible citizenship.

  • Sea Therapy

    Initiative for the rehabilitation of people with autism and communication disorders 

  • Publishing and Communications

    Publishing initiatives, documentaries, literary texts and photographic reports.  

  • Environmental Paths

    Promoting social integration through environmental excursions for young people with disabilities and able-bodied.

  • Responsible Tourism

    Training and Development of micro-enterprises for Responsible Tourism in the communities of Atlantic Forest of Brazil

  • Sustainable Design

    Enhancement of crafts and Sustainable Design