Ease Water Madagascar

Ease Water Madagascar is a project implemented by the Italian non‐profit organization ZOE including a series of cooperation activities concerning water access and solar energy in rural areas of Madagascar (Ambanja District).
Zoe organization promotes a relatively simple solution to improve the strong life conditions experienced by local population due to a lack of safe water, providing a low cost and sustainable water supply system (based on solar powered pumps) able to extract water from existing wells or to exploit natural sources of water.

The methodology is based on a participatory approach of the beneficiary communities and local actors.

Through the renovation of existing water systems, or exploiting new water access points, the intervention will ensure the supply of drinking water for domestic use and irrigation of agricultural land in the villages.
Hydraulic system will also ensure the watering of animals and washing clothes through the implementation of a drinking trough and a comfortable shared washhouse, both specially constructed in the villages.
Thanks to the use of solar‐powered pumps the environmental impact is reduced by eliminating the eventual use of petrol/diesel engines. Local use of boiling methods for water purification will drastically reduce and consequently carbon emissions will reduce.
The project will also raise awareness among population regarding the use of renewable energy and its application for a sustainable use of existing groundwater resources.
Water fountains in a village
Water elevated tank
Protected well
Water trough for cattle
State of the wells prior to intervention
Open air wells normally used to irrigate
Using a "foot" pump in a village
Vegetable growing