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The Bissau Music School center is a laboratory of social and cultural aggregation for young people in the city of Bissau, the only educational facility on music, after the closure of the old music school located in the historic city center, during the civil war of 1998.
The school / laboratory has the name of "Djemberém" ("The hut of dialogue" in the local Creole language) as symbolic name of cultural dialogue that the same school wants to start in Guinea Bissau. The initiative has the support of various institutional, artistic and Guinea Bissau volunteering, including: the City of Bissau, Radio Sol Mansi, the "Ballet Nacional", the band (Italo-guinean) Bumbulum and some African musicians of international stature such as Bonga and Papa Wemba.

The official opening of the School of Music took place February 5, 2013 at the French Cultural Centre of the city of Bissau, prestigious structure that hosts cultural events of all kinds. The inauguration was attended by: the Director of the Centre, the French Ambassador, a European Union representative, the Italian Consul in Bissau, the press and local associations. The event ended with a musical performance by local musicians.

The school's activities include courses, seminars and workshops, not only on music but also on socio-humanistic subjects, thanks to the collaboration of local university teachers. In this perspective, the music comes out of his merely folkloric and commercial horizon, becoming "educational music," aimed to educate and raise awareness of the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence.